Dhrup's "secret" Elgg Utilities ;-)

Omens of things yet to come.. 
These are some of the (secret) elgg-related utilities.. we have been working on. --
serious "admin" stuff which assists elgg-site admins in managing the social network -->.
monitor content, ensure CEOPS safety, etc, etc..,
My friends are quite welcome to PM me if interested and we will provide you with the utilities
script code which you can run and test on your own elgg-site.. hopefully you will provide
usefull feedback material ;-)
Thank you all ;-)





  1. Registered Users Count
  2. OnLine Users Count
  3. Scan By Email
  4. Friends Scan
  5. User IP-Log Scanner
  6. Messsges
  7. Reported Content
  8. River Activity
  9. Statistics


  1. Vars (Dhrups's BagOfTricks)
  • Hey Dhrup, All these links seem to be broken...interesting material.

  • corrected the 'broken' links - they are not meant to be "real".. not just simply interesting material.. "top secret" not for public code.. LOLZ.. as I stated "My friends are quite welcome to PM me if interested..."


  • Hi Dhrup, This is a really good idea... especially if a configerable scan is possible too, perhaps for information from custom forms etc and an output to csv or something as well.  Good work, thanks.

  • heh heh... de unrecognized 'meister" strikes agin.. he does have m-a-n-y up-the-sleeve-hidden trix only frends know about and get.. so.o.o he's a -getting somewhat friendl-ier and offering like 49% way-thru ;-O.

    PS: if I could only get the balls and $0.-00 open-source-ness mentality to open up real demos to these utilities.. eyeballs would pop !!!


  • WE Could not run any of our sites without these utilities

  • well of course the links are broken lolz ;-O
    we cannot publish live site data in public.
    however here's a dedacted sample -->


    scanIP   [ 1227 ]


    Goto PAGE:

    Searching for ALL PAGE: 0


    ON dbadmin 11 2010 02 15 19:17:39 user@wherever.com Dhrup.De.Scoop 2009 11 03 15:44:08  

    can't seem to paste that extra column with the iframe,

    but here's the data -->

    { "Ip" : "", "Status" : "OK", "CountryCode" : "US", "CountryName" : "United States", "RegionCode" : "51", "RegionName" : "Virginia", "City" : "Fort Lee", "ZipPostalCode" : "23801", "Latitude" : "37.2357", "Longitude" : "-77.3366", "Timezone" : "-5", "Gmtoffset" : "-5", "Dstoffset" : "-4" }


    we use this this particular utility to track big-time spammerz -
    they can run but they can't hide


  • this is the older version (without the wild card options)

  • oki


    scanIP   [ 17480 ]


    Goto PAGE:

    Searching for USERID %dhru% PAGE: 0 WILDCARD ==> yes


    ON dbadmin 697546 2010 02 24 20:41:57 user@wherever.com Dhrup.De.Scoop 2009 10 21 14:49:25