NC - Profile Plugin Development

I'm looking for a developer that can assist me with plugin development for an internet dating and social networking site.

The final product is a single profile module that will overwrite the standard elgg profiles, which are not very powerful or customizable.

I have tested using the "form" and the "flexprofile" plugins to create a much more descriptive user profile.  However, I want to be able to search on:  age, location (using google geocoding), height, weight, relationship status, etc.  flexprofile allows you to create a search form, but it doesn't allow you to search on an age range.

This plugin should have an administrative interface to add/edit profile fields.  Each field should have a check box so that the field can be added to a search form, which would let users search profiles.

  • Age should be searchable via a range.  When an end user fills out their profile, the Age field should ask for their birthday.  The profile should display their age.  I have already modified flexprofile to have this functionality, but I haven't figured out how to search on an age range.
  • Location should ask the user for the city they live in.  In the background, this should be geocoded via google maps API so that users can search for all profiles within a certain distance of them.  The profile should only display the city that they live in.
  • Premium/Standard users should be flagged.  Premium users will have unlimited access to the website.  Standard users will be limited to a certain number of actions per day.  For example, every time a user performs a transaction in the system, we increment the counter.  Once it hits an arbitrary number, we should send them to a page that asks the user to sign up for premium membership.  We should be able to define how many transactions the user can perform per day.  The counter will reset every day at midnight.
  • User Settings should be modified to add a Measurement System drop down selection.  For example, users can select what language they want to use in the Settings menu.  They should also be able to select either the "United States/English" (inches and pounds) or "Metric" (meters and kilos).  In the background, all user profiles can be stored as Metric, but converted to English if the user's measurement system is set to English.  This also factors into the user profile.  If the user is using the English measurement system, we should allow them to select their height and weight in the English system and translate it to metric before we save it to the database.  
I am currently using elgg 1.6.1.  Ideally, I would like to be able to unzip your module into my elgg directory, enable the plugin, and it should work fine.
If you can assist me with development of this module, please give me an estimate in the following format:
(1) a firm fixed price
(2) # of hours with your
If you have references or demos of work you have done using elgg, please attach them.
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