Notification for individual items (blog posts, forum threads, etc.)

In the old Elgg (pre-1.0 days) there was a nice little functionality for blog posts (which had comments) and forum threads. You could click on a link to stay notified about the comments on the blog post or the responses to a forum thread.

I really like the notifications system on Elgg 1.2, 1.5, 1.6.1, 1.7a.   It is very powerful.  One thing lacking - in my opinion - is the ability to get notifications for finite items that are important to you.  Is there any talk about adding this or is there a simple plugin out there, that would add this?  (I realize there would need to be an interface to manage these notifications too, like being able to mass-turn them off, or turn them off, one by one, and there would need to be a link to turn them off on the individual items themselves too.)  It would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

  • Additionally, I have noted that the comments actually had individual #cmt numbers, such as #cmt555, which would follow the name or number of the page (such as a blog post).  Did you notice, on the present Elgg (1.0 - 1.7), that there are no anchors for comments?  It would be a good thing to add too, helping users to get right to the comment that was posted in the river.

  • Receiving a notification for futher comments entered to a discussion/blog/file you have commented is an important feature. Do you know if any progress has been made on this since you posted here?


  • No progress that I know of.

  • It would make a lot of sense also for this very community site. It's hard to keep up with single comment replies unless one bookmarks single threads.

    Cash, is this something for which submitting a feature request on Trac would be appropriate?

  • Yes, that's a good fit for a feature request:

    The notification engine needs to be improved to handle additional notification logic. I'm hoping that will make it into Elgg 1.8. If anyone wants to work out the use cases and design issues for thread/entity based notifications, that would be great. You can post that sort of information in the community forums for comment or add it to that ticket.

  • @Yakiv and ugo, We have a plugin for handling subscription available at, though tis commercial.


  • definitely, +1

    heh last year when I asked about this, all I got was a response from someone who was against the feature telling me it's not needed, and he had never missed a reply to the threads he had commented. a typical fan reply =\

    now I have implemented a custom solution but it will take some time to turn it into a distributable addon.. so much to do so little time =\

  • suggestion; let's call it 'subscriptions' like the existing feature from other software.

  • What's ironic about this thread is that I had almost forgotten about it and it was started by me! Go figure! If there had been a way for me to stay notified, by clicking a button here to do that, I would have been back to see all of these responses! :-)))

    ...I think with the present notification system in place, a commercial plugin is warrantless. This should be a basic and free feature, as a part of the core. That's my opinion. ...So, has any more progress been made on this? I guess it is in the 1.8 milestone.