How to Order PAGES


Within Groups, I have 6 main pages - unfortunately they are showing in the wrong order. Yes I do need to as they are relevant and numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6 - but they are showing as 6,5,4,3,2,1 (and yes next time I will put the last in first!)

How can I re-order them?


  • Oh yes... I discovered this issue too... but just plan and mut things in last first.  But it would be nice to be able to reorder them somehow.  It might be tricky though as this is one of the areas where there are breadcrumbs.  Perhaps for now you need to cut and paste into now pages and delete to old... unless better advice is forthcoming.

  • Thanks for the reply Mark, Seems silly that you cannot do this! As you say ( and I mentioned) I will have to pre-plan and enter the no.1 page in last............

    I wonder if this is a "group page" plugin for this?

    I would also like to STOP members from adding new pages.......



  • According to the elgg blurb about the core features...


    This feature allows you to save and store hierarchically-organised pages of text, and control who can read and write to them. This means that you can collaboratively create a set of documents with a loose collection of people, participate in a writing process with a formal group, or simply use the functionality to write a document that only you can see, and only choose to share it once it's done.

    It is also very useful for static or semi-static content that provides information about your group or activities as an alternative tothe more traditional web page.  It is very quick and easy to make new pages, no webmaster required!

    Perhaps it is not what you need?  It can be disabled in the tools.  Or perhaps it is ripe for a modification plugin?


  • I have the same problem as Deejayh. There has to be a way to reorder the pages. Because even if you do as Deejayh said and add the first one last, what if you wanted to add another page at "3" and re-order from there? You'd have to reload the pages again.

    My problem is that I have a comic and add new pages 6 days a week. There is NO WAY, I could re-order 80 pages and counting every day!

  • A nice drag and drop reorder page would be ideal...  although I have no idea what is technically involved in this, you could always explore a customisation, is brand new, and aims to put those wanting a feature and are happy to contribute to its development can get together and pool resources and get the features developed (if enough people want the same thing and raise enough for the development cost).