Ergonomic Streamlined Menu System

I was doing some research into the hackneyed topic of making the Elgg menu thingy un-clunky. First - I believe that Elgg version 1.7 or 1.8 has catered for souping up the menu system. The previous did showcase this (current seems to the elgg comm duplicated;- ) If that is correct.. then all discussions on menus becomes redundant. Secondly, my research shows some interesting stuff ;-) apparently all the menu and sub-menu items are stored in a global $CONFIG data structure - so we can knock up some code to retrieve these and create whatever system-wide menu views that we like ! If this were to be done - we most probably should go for a simpler canvas layout, say one_column.php, because the left sidebvar is no longer needed. Hmm, I might spend a little more time investigating more details from the results of my research.. though I might add that many other people have already customised the menu system and created some very interesting and user-friendly menus for their elgg-based websites.

  • Thanks Dhrup, It is nothing special... I used an online CSS menu maker and added all the links by hand... what would be great is these links all being made available to "Drag and Drop" or hide (like Vazco's Menu plugin), but also to be able to add sub-menus. While this is great for the sitewide menu, a similar function would be cool for the View Menues as well... but the first helps a lot. 

    I will post my header contents if anyone else is interested.

  • tee hee.. ;-)
    MyCssMenu util ?
    post your stuff anyway.. 
    others might pay attention.. 
    and maybe learn new trix.. ;-)


  • For now I am integrating a new menu css dropdown like my space When I am finisched will publice it here how I made that.

    Working very well. And much tinier than JQuery tabs what I use now.

    Maybe I make it for dropdown in tools topbar menu if I have some time....