Search engine

Hi Guys,


I am new to Elgg.

Just want to know that where I can find the search engine code which elgg uses to search its groups, blogs,etc. And also how does it work? 

As far as I understand it only relies on the tag searching and not text searching.

Any help is appreciated.


  • Up to 1.7a, search worked as described.  Starting with 1.7a search uses full text.  The code used for the pervious search was found in elgg/search/*.php and plugins could respond to a hook for search to include their own results.

  • It will be great when full text is searchable!

    Will the search only be able to index languages like English, which have clear word delimiters? Or will it also be able to index/search languages like Japanese?



  • Thanks for your replies.

    Just a question from the code. 

    Is there a way to disable some searches from the results. I mean ,for instance, it does not search the files or blogs. How I should manipulate the code to achieve this goal?

    As far as I understand the following code searches tags of all blogs, groups, files,etc. How can I manipulate this?


    $body .= list_entities_from_metadata($md_type, elgg_strtolower($tag), $objecttype, $subtype, $owner_guid_array, 10, false, false);

    This is in the line 79 of elgg/search/index.php

    Thanks in advance.