Problem in ver. 0.7, should I upgrade?


I'm having a very strange problem with version 0.7 on Elgg version 1.5.

Suddenly it moved all events 1 day forward, so instead of "Tuesday, January 19, 2010" the date changed to "Monday, January 18, 2010" - this happended to all my events!

I haven't changed anything since before newyear, so is this possible?

Anyway, I'm considering to upgrade to version 0.81. Is there anything that I should take into consideration before upgrading?


  • Well, took the plunge and updated - that didn't help.

    Now I have another issue, for some reason datepicker doesn't seem to load the CSS.

    I have tried all the usual stuff; change order of plugins, disabled/enabled simple cache, deleted the cached files and so forth.

    When I look at the source of the loaded page (edit event) I see it loads the CSS.

    Anyone has any suggestions about where to look?


  • Mmmm... I think I understand your problem, and it one I suffer from as well... the datepicker does not format correctly? Mine neither... its placement on the agenda view has no background and the test is the wrong colour, hover does not make enough differance to know where you are, the next and previous are one above the other... all wrong.  and the datepicker on the new event form etc is broken too.. appearing in the same way, but over the form fields and text... very difficult to see properly etc....

    I have tried everything too... replaced calendar plugin files, tried the datepicker plugin, reordered the plugins and disabled a few as well... same problem :(

  • The latest version of the event calendar works fine with the core Elgg plugins and standard theme.

    So if you are having problems it must be because another plugin is not compatible or you have changed the theme.

  • Hi Kevin, I have quite a few plugins now, but they are all necessary.  As you said "Elgg is not a content management system but rather a social application engine driven by plugins."   If the plugins break the system then there is a major flaw somewhere which defeats the core princilples of the system. Incedentally, I switched off my theme and it still did not work properly.

    It is fundamental given that in a system driven by plugins has to have reliable and stable plugins that do not conflict with eachother... another argument for evolution of good plugins. Perhaps I should find some money and commission you to sort my site out... I am a bit stuck with it.

  • Hi Kevin

    Thanks for replying...

    So if I understand you right, I should disable all other plugins one by one, and test if datepicker suddenly works again?

    One thing I have tried is to print out the source of the page on a working installation and compared it to my non-working installation. Only difference was the jquery version and a plugin called customstyle. I'm going to try and disable the customstyle plugin, maybe it's the one messing things up?

    I'm also considering upgrading the complete jquery, I stumpled upon a guide some time back.

  • Often, the issue is not so much as the amount of plugins, but the order of the plugins. It may be that Kevin's plugin needs to be placed under another.  ...You could always try placing it at the bottom and see if it works.  Generally speaking, I think all of the really good plugins need to be analyzed - all together - in a wholelistic method, so that they play more nicely with each other.  This would take either the coordinated work of all of the plugin developers or a dedicated expert to go through all of them and develop a schema of all of the conflicts and possible solutions.  ...I noticed quite a sophisticated manner in which PrestaShop has their plugins written.  It's almost impossible for conflicts to arise.  ...It may be something for Elgg to take a look at.

  • Several of my clients have suggested that they would really like someone to create an Elgg Plus distribution which has an enhanced set of plugins organised so that they all work nicely together.

    They would also like to see a demonstration site that showcases all of these plugins.

    It's something that I might work on if I get some time later in the year.

  • Well, I fixed all the issues (made datepicker language aware in the process).

    Did some cleaning up too.

    Main changes are:

    • Datepicker css is now loadet through Elgg standard method
      extend_view('css', 'event_calendar/css') in start.php
    • Moved ui.datepicker.packed.js to mod/event_calendar/js
    • Changed datepicker.php and datepicker_inline in /views/default/input/ so they load ui.datepicker.packed.js when used + added translations
    • Removed metatags.php and the call to it.
    • Added translations to languagefile(s)
    • Changed a little in the layout in manage_event_content.php form, now dates are shown in dd/mm/yyyy format and help texts is placed exactly underneath the fields
    • Made changes to views/default/event_calendar/show_events.php to make dates show up in a more language indepedent way (could use som more work)

    Will try to make date format am administrator option.

    @Kevin: Would you like a copy?


  • Yes please.

    I'll send you my email address.