Group Access Modification

Hey all!!

I'm trying to setup a site and aside from my other post the last feature I need to implement is to remove the Access drop down menu you get when creating content and instead just assign the content to the group the user is part of(the drop down menu could stay with just one option so that incase the admin joined more than one group their privledges would work too). I would imagine the code would be like this:

Get Users GID

Access option = GID



I'm not even sure where to find the feature itself so even if you don't know how to make the mod I'd be happy with just a pointer to where it is and some suggestions on implementation if you have them!




  • What about simply removing the options and making the group option default on the privacy settings when you post? that way all content would only be in the group that person was a member of...this is obviously provided that they're assigned to groups and can't ad other groups but I think i can get rid of that kind of stuff by commenting out the actual code, right?




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    yep... if you've looked at the actual code in the views --> that will work ;-)


    ever thot abt posting in my galaxy ? LOLZ ;-O

  • ok i'll try it and see how it goes! i just have to figure out how to prevent them from seeing the other groups...that's still on the table but this helps a lot!!! BTW, where's your galaxy?