Posting speed here at this site

Hi, I've noticed over the last couple of days here that while read speed is quite snappy, that posting a comment incurs huge time lags - like tens of seconds.

Is there something going on with the database that is slowing the ability to make posts here?

Just wondering,


  • It's not just you...A few nights ago the database storage files were corrupted.  I've repaired it but there are obviously a few problems left.  As I am out of town for the weekend, I hope to have it resolved on Monday.

  • Well, it's nice to know the system is robust enough to keep on working when corrupted! 



  • Quite interesting in fact. How did the db got corrupted? did you fix it? Good learning curve )))

  • I don't know how the database was corrupted.  I was doing some routine server maintenance and installed some security patches, one of which was to the linux kernel so required a reboot.  When the reboot was complete, MySQL would not start because of problems with the database files.  I attempted to fix it by running myisamchk on the files, which got the server working again, but there are obviously more problems...I'm looking into them today...

  • Brett my server company shut down my site and "migrated" my site to another server. I am not suprised at all that the site now is buggy, logos don't load all the time, latest pics don't all show up, pics load slower, site breaks once in awhile. Do you think 1.7 will be be any better at dbase issues than past versions?


  • @Tahoe: seems the issue mentioned in this thread is not so much Elgg related as well as MySQL / Linux kernel... 

  • @TahoeBilly - What you're discussing is indeed unrelated to this problem.  The problem here is that the MySQL server's storage files were corrupted.  I've migrated Elgg sites many times and have only had problems that you describe with faulty migrations--specifically, when the datapath paths in the database are incorrectly set.

  • Alright...looks like the site is back up to speed.  Still not sure what the original problem was, but nothing a re-installation of MySQL and a fresh database import couldn't fix.  Please let me know if there are any more problems.

  • Just made a post - and it took at least a minute to confirm the posting was posted...............Reading has no time lag. Seems something to do with posting..........

  • Just re-posted to see - it took 105 seconds !!!!! Yes I did time it!