problem with deleting videos from the server

When you delete a video on the site, they are deleted, the message: "Video removed successfully, but in the directory tmp, in the Users folder in the folder uploaded-> original video files encoded video file and pictures for each video file is not removed. And in order to delete files they need to remove the server manually. Also after the video encoding is not removed the original video file, why keep it, because he no longer needed ... Please help !

  • Please tell me what a stable version of ffmpeg you're using, and (or) give the download link! Video really is not deleted from the server, I have many users, and even though I have 3 terabytes of memory on the server, but the place is quickly spent, but very difficult to remove by hand! Watermarks I work normally, but if they interfere with correct operation of the queue, then of course they must be removed, some laws relating to cessation of the queue because of some video files I have not watched. In one case, these files are properly converted, but in either case, all froze, as if to load each file separately, they are almost always converted well, so I can not respond because of some files froze all. I'm going to test the work of the video plug on your site. Thank you for your reply!  I look forward to the new version!

  • @iZAP:

    Thanks, I might test out version 3 svn soon, because vazco_mainpage now is ready to embed it on the main page. Though I must say that I'm still a bit worried because of the many comments about queue problems. With version 2.5 I've no queing problems anymore although it was quite difficult to get it running in the first place on my productive server due to some of the default ffmpeg parameters not being accepted by the server (either not at all or only resulting in errors with some files). I had no such problem on my test installation before. The only remaining problem both on the test server and the productive server is the problem with the files not getting deleted from the user upload directories. Although this is quite a valid reason to test version 3 at least on my test installation :-).