problem with deleting videos from the server

When you delete a video on the site, they are deleted, the message: "Video removed successfully, but in the directory tmp, in the Users folder in the folder uploaded-> original video files encoded video file and pictures for each video file is not removed. And in order to delete files they need to remove the server manually. Also after the video encoding is not removed the original video file, why keep it, because he no longer needed ... Please help !

  • I have the same problem with izap_videos 2.5 Final Release. Do you have installed version 3.0 of izap_videos? I asked the same question in the plugins section. I wanted to know if this problem is solved with version 3.0. If it still occurs it would be a pity and updating would make no sense in my case.

  • Yes, I use version 3.0 and this very big problem for me ! When converting files stuck in the queue and encode these files is not possible! We have to reset all. Encoding is not very stable ... And the files are not deleted from the server. These are 2 of my main problems! Izap please help!

  • In case of ffmpeg problems with encoding it might help you not to use the default command. I also had problems with videos getting stuck in queue at first and my webhoster blamed it on izap_videos. By trial and error I found out that for example the hq preset was not available (-vpre hq doesn't work at all) and also some of the more sophisticated ffmpeg parameters didn't work with all videos. Therefore, I ended with an encoding command that most probably doesn't give me the best results, but at least it works with all videos:

    /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg -y -i [inputVideoPath] -vcodec libx264 -vpre baseline -b 300k -bt 300k -acodec libfaac -ar 22050 -ab 48k [outputVideoPath]

    You might have to change the path to ffmpeg (usually either /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin). I also noticed that I have to use the same path (i.e. /usr/local/bin) as path to php even if php is available at /usr/bin, too.

  • You solved the problem with removing the video files on the serverin version 2.5 ?

    My server configuration:

    Path for the PHP interpreter:


    Video converting comman:

    /usr/bin/ffmpeg -y -i [inputVideoPath] -vcodec libx264 -vpre hq  -b 300k  -bt 300k  -acodec libfaac  -ar 22050  -ab 48k [watermarkCommnad] [outputVideoPath]


    I use my own server and can change the settings. Video converted, but there are above mentioned problems with the queue! Put down the line you suggested: "/ usr / local / bin / ffmpeg-y-i [inputVideoPath]-vcodec libx264-vpre baseline-b 300k-bt 300k-acodec libfaac-ar 22050-ab 48k [outputVideoPath]", but in It changed the / usr / local / bin / at / usr / bin / ffmpeg is because I have there. In the server analisys all tests are passed, but the video is no longer converted, had to return all the settings on the old ... Why has ceased to convert video if the server passes all the tests. So the question to remove the files from the server remains valid!


  • Sorry, that ffmpeg command doesn't work for you. If you are testing the Elgg installation on your own server, have you tested the command on the command line directly? Maybe you did, but then you would at least know if the encoding problem is due to a ffmpeg parameter or due to izap_videos. In case the command works on the command line, the failure of video encoding may still be caused by the different paths for php and ffmpeg.

    Unfortunately, I still have to delete videos manually from the server but at least in my case only videos from the upload directories of the users in case I have to remove such videos and that happens rarely. Of course, additionally deleting videos that didn't encode is a bit annoying in your case.

  • I use my full Debian (Linux) server, a video for me is crucial and I have too many users, so I can delete them manually, video, and what to do with the videos that user has deleted itself, and they remained on the server? Check all users what videos they have on the site, and which in their folder on the server and delete unnecessary-it's terrible ... I am willing to pay the money man who will solve these two problems described above! Izap not do it for money ?

  • Please help us to improve "izap_videos". In this release, we got so many queries regarding queue management. We are working to improve queue management. To do so, all of you are requested to try your videos which are failed at "". And submit results.

    In the coming release, We are concentrating on more stabilizing our plugins. We had decided to remove watermarking feature, because current ffmpeg has dropped vhooks. I am continuously keeping my eyes on ffmpeg community. As soon as ffmpeg team would release stable support of watermarking ( hope fully underdevelopment via avfilters), we will implement it. So for the time being we have decided to remove all watermarking features to remove all complexities.

    For more details, you can browse our svn version. You can download current svn version from "


  • @Abrikos:
    Please try your video on and submit your results. We just recently compiled our ubuntu server (Debain based) with the latest ffmpeg-svn version. If your videos works on our server than it would be the problem with the compilation of ffmpeg at your server.


  • @iZAP:

    What about the issue with deleting of video files from the user directories when the videos are deleted from the site? Is it a bug that they remain on the server or is it intended that they stay? I use version 2.5 myself and can't update yet. But Abrikos said it's the same with version 3.0.

  • @iionly:
    Well videos should be deleted from directories. I will see this issue and if confirmed, than i will fix this. In the coming release, we are coming with more control over queue. So many updates and recommended to upgrade version 3.0.

    I hope, we will be able to release next week. You can try svn version if you are more curious. Here you can find svn version.