integrate tidypics with new plugin

Hello everyone,

I am developing a plugin for Elgg and would like to know if I can use the resources of tidypics.
The plugin is quite simple, it has a form that adds a product in the product and the User will have to put some pictures.
You think that integration with Tidypics is necessary or better to create a system to upload pictures?


  • Well, that question above was new to elgg plugin development. Already decided this case. Thank you for your attention.


  • I am intested in highly modying TidyPics as well, what were you trying to.


  • Bernado,

    What are you trying to do with TidyPics? I am sponsoring a plugin that essential with re-work the entire profile plugin with Tidy Pics, so that each "photo album" has comments (allowed for not logged in!) threaded along side of it.

    Also plan to have "categories" for each album available. Lastly combine the "create new album" and "10 file uploader" into one screen.

    Do you have interest in being part of this?


  • @Bernardo, you probably already figured out, but since the TidyPics plugin is open source, GNU GPL, you are free to modify it for your own use.  You cannot create a new plugin from that and sell it commercially, however, you can contribute it back to the community.

    @Bill, will this new plugin you are sponsoring have widespread appeal or is it likely to be only appealing to the kind of business you are in?

  • Yakiv,

    I really have no idea? I can say that I don't think many people are thinking the way I am, that being making an Elgg system that appeals to one group as "logged in members" and another as simply "browsers". I think most simply consider an Elgg system as a "closed" members network.I want the best of both worlds, a system with layers that appeals to different groups of people.

    Right now I am dying to get everything running in 1.7. Vazco is working stuff, but what about the Fusion riverdash, no one even wants to talk about updating for 1.7, I find that strange.




  • I think with the beta basically here, every plugin developer needs to get their plugin working with 1.7. We can only hope they will!  :-)