Kaltura Video breaking tinymce

Enabling kaltura_video-0.9.5 breaks tinymce - You can only see it when editing, it adds some weird stuff to the editing test( try posting a blog or forum post) I notice that trying not to integrate into TinyMCE plugin doesn't work.

  • I too ran into this problem but here is the fix

    In your plugin order You need to make sure Kaltura Video plugin loads before tinymce plugin

    After that all should work fine. 

  • I have this same issue. My order didn't correct it though. Checking NO in the plug in settings for the Try to integrate into TinyMCE, is the only way for me to get them to work together.

  • I may have disabled tnymce in the settings for kaltura and then re did the order and then re-enabled tinymce in kaltura. I think that its possible I also disabled tinymce for a minute as well.  But try any of the above combos and it should work for you as it does me.