Login form outside of Elgg directory

Peter M
By Peter M


I have Elgg installed in a sub directory of public_html. Is it possible to place a login form on index.php

Elgg installed home/public_html/social & index.php is in root dir. Is there someone who can do the necessary scripting fo a fee

  • I am not 100% certain on this, however, so long as you are on the same server, your login form can go in with a simple include of the login form view. Have you tried?

  • On this subject, I have thought that it would be nice if there was a single php file, available for download, that could be used for this purpose.  It would be a file that could be used, for integration into your own custom pages, that are separate from the Elgg main files. Along with this, would be snippets that could be used to bring newest members, newest discussion posts, etc.  It would be good if it was included with the main software package.  All you would really need is for the php file to require some kind of global php file, I imagine.

  • Peter M

    Thanks Carlos & Yakiv. Unfortunately I dont have the programming skills or sufficient knowledge of Elgg to see if this is possible. My reason for wanting to do this is that will allow me to update & modify index.html with new content ads etc requiring an effort of max 20 mins a day. Everything is on the same server & using same URL. At the moment I'm devoted full time to my business & this is all hobby stuff. If someone can do the scripting I'll pay with pleasure

  • It's very easy to include Elgg's engine in any php file across the site--Just do a require_once 'path/to/elgg/engine/start.php'; and you're set.  No need to include a PHP file to do just this, because you're right, it is a simple include!

  • Let's keep the conversation open so other people can benefit from it too :)

  • Peter M

    Easy for you to say Brett but php is greek to me. I have no problem with creating sites, content, etc but programming is not what I do. So I would rather pay someone for that. I think we have two distinct group of Elgg users if you look at posts. Designers & programmers & new users who like me get a bit lost at times. If we have constructive engagement I'm prepared to place it in a logical sequence on my site like I have started to do & hopefully everyone can benefit

  • I would love to see sample code, if imcobarn-JuipoDev has some to share.

  • Peter's got the code also IE token mismatch problem fixed ;-) happy so far.. next look @ elgg logout return to user to prog external site, pull elgg's loginbox across separate servers.

    It's good to see that he is also setting up some user level guides for setting up newbie websites with special references to aspects of downloading, installing Elg.

  • Peter's got some interesting things going on here ! Now we are working on external login into Elgg / WHCMS which is IonCube **encrypted php code..  Gonna crack it !

  • Peter M


    To me:-

    The Scoop has done a professional piece of work and I have paid the rates that we agreed upon. I am pleased with my external trigger login into Elgg from literally anywhere and upon logout from Elgg my users return to my External Site. He has also done some extra work like this but with WHCMS Pkgs for me.

    I'd like to encourage the Scoop to package his code to implement as a commercial plugin plus some external code install to take care of both the sides. I see good value in this facility. It has been worth my money and time.

    Have a good day everyone and "Lekker" ;-)