I wonder if "Site Access" is messing things up with registrations at my site...

Do many of you use the "Site Access" plugin? I am wondering if it is causing problems at my newly created site.

I was wondering why nobody has been joining. One person complained of not being able to get through the registration system and so - duh! - I decided to test with a new user myself finally. :)

I never receive an email validation email - and it's not in my spam folder either. Also, the Site Access panel inside Administration doesn't list any users under either "users waiting to be activated" or "emails not validated." 

Yet I can't register with the same user name again because Elgg reports a user with that name already exists.

I just realized that the only (few) people I have registered at my site joined before I installed the Site Access plugin. I'm going to disable that for now and do more testing in the meanwhile.

Have other people experienced this?




  • And while I'm here... is there any way of deleting that test user account that doesn't appear to show up anywhere?




  • Update: When I removed the Site Access panel and registered a new test user the validation email went out immediately. The test user was able to use the validation link and then login.

    So there is something in the Site Access plugin that caused validation emails to not go out. Plus, the panel doesn't show people waiting for validation, so I have no idea how many users might have tried to sign up!

    Any suggestions on cleaning up those users?

    Also, any other "best practices" hints on customizing the validation emails and getting notices about new members who sign up?




  • Thanks to the kind support of a member here, Dhrup, it developed in the course of our discussion that I was not using the most recent version of Site Access. I should have mentioned my version here just in case. I had been using 2.2 and he pointed out there was a version 2.4.

    I switched to 2.4 and:

    * Confirmation emails correctly went out to my test user, including my customized email templates.

    * Site Access now shows pending unvalidated users correctly.

    So that part is working fine now. Great!

    The "captcha" feature seems to not be an option though in Site Access. I wanted to turn that off for the user having a problem. But maybe she was just generally having a problem with the old SIte Access, so that's not a priority anymore.

    One thing - if anybody happens to know. There is at least one not-yet-validated user in my system - maybe more. Is there any way of locating those users and safely deleting them? 



  • You can go to USER ADMINISTRATION. There you will find the USERS and click on their names. This will take to you to that USER's profile, where you will find options to either ACTIVATE USER or DELETE USER. Hope this answers your question.