Can this be done? Need to design a hack...

What I want to do is have a user sign up through elgg, but to have the username and password sent to another field. Problem is the way Elgg handles passwords. It doesn't have the same encoding as my regular website. So, I've been scouring the code looking for how elgg passes the form. Because I could easily write a mod to make it encode to my other table, but I can't find the form submit anywhere. I found how Elgg registers, but it's set up without the regular <form tags.


Anyone know where this would be?

  • Can setting up a sign-in link work for you?

  • I could do that, but I wanted to more seamlessly integrate it so that users wouldn't have to sign up to the Elgg side and then to the other part of the website, but if there is no other way I could see how that could work. I've also been reading about the API which looks like it could work to pass information to a table, but I'm not sure how since the discussions on it were choppy at best and much of it was in German.

  • There is a single sign on plugin to be used with Joomla somewhere on the plugin list..... maybe you could adapt that?

  • Elgg allows authentication plugin.  So if you register a PAM handler (register_pam_handler()), then your code will be called during login.

    If you want to do it during Elgg registration, you would need to "intercept" the register action or the confirm/email action (if you are using user validatiaon by email).

    -- Patrick