Removing Login Screen/Forum?


I'm suppose to be a nerd here lol but since I'm new to elgg, I have no idea how to do this. I have a theme that has a login forum at the top of the page (Refer to my site: and I want the login forum that normally on the middle page to be gone, but I cant figure out how. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Charles Z

  • Peter M

    I have exactly the same problem. Have you managed to find an answer yet

  • i am not able to see the above site. if you are using the custom index module, you just need to comment out the code for login form display, there are plenty of tutorials availble here regarding that. just do a search


  • only about  2-4 hours coding work to fix this mickeymouse problem ;-)

  • Peter M

    Hi Charles Z

    Ok you dont need to do any coding. Install plugin 'custom index widgets, available in community plugins. Place plugin at bottom of plugin list. In admin go to admin tools - tool adminstration and in the plugin settings tab select login position & set to top

    As you can see this 'mickeymouse problem' does not require 2-4 hours coding

    Hope thats helpfull I also struggled with it for a while. Make sure you follow the Custom Index Widgets plugin 1.8 install carefully

  • Hi,

    Thanks for all the responses, Peter M came the closest to it, but not dead on. Now, it's tweaking with my theme and messes up the top bar once you have logged in. I will continue on my pursuit to fix this, but I'm new to elgg and have no idea how the coding works.

    Thanks to everyone who has been helping. If anymore solutions come up, please let me know.

  • Ok.....Here is what I need....The custom_index_widgets plugin looks like it would work amazing for me, only if there was a way to have login forum disabled, since my theme has a built in login area.

    Maby a setting to have it no touch anything in the title bar?

  • Peter M

    Again I have the same problem. I installed a no of themes and tried at least 5 or 6. Then plugins started interfering with menus. The plugins where good & I need them. I then purchased a theme from called ellg social theme. Now the plugins do not interfere with the theme, however if an image or any data is missing it corrupts the whole site. I am also not a coder so am struggling along to sort problems out.

  • I looked at that theme on Elggdesign and it looks pretty nice. Right now I'm not really in the position to purchase a theme yet, even if it only is $15.00, as I don't know if this addition to my site will be a success.

    If anyone knows where the code is that displays the login box on the homepage is, please let me know what file it is, and I will attempt to create a plugin that removes the login box.