css editing and auto completion

So due to the fact that all of the CSS is in ELGG is in .php files, my editor (and several others I have tried) does not recognize the CSS and therefore does not colorize nor auto-complete the CSS.

I am currently getting around this my creating two CSS files, the .php version for elgg and then a second file with the .css extension.  I simply place an include in the .php file and place all of my css in the other file.  

Sure, now I have the opposite problem of my PHP inside the CSS file does not get autocompleted or colored.  But I have a lot more CSS than PHP in those files.

Am I the only one who cares about this and if not, what solutions have you all come up with the make your coding a little less painful?

  • Ok.... why did I not think of that before !!!  So easy:

    Just create a LINK file to css.php in same folder, and call that css.css

    Then edit the css.css with all nice highlighting recognized by Netbeans / IDE's :))))))))))))  Uopn saving, css.php is automatically updated by the file system ;)