Architecture question...looking for advice

Hey all!

So I've got a really interesting question and I'd love some advice...I don't like redoing architecture more than I have to and I know that many of you understand the integration of groups, pages, and discussions better than I do...The question is this:


I've got a site called that I'm building which is a service for college students(and eventually anyone some day but college for now). It is a place where college students can trade services instead of paying for things(i.e. someone says I'll tutor you in spanish if you change the oil on my car).

Requirement 1:

I want people to register(much like facebook) by their school, so that people can only trade with other people on their campus.

Requirement 2:

I want a student to be able to put up a skill that they are either looking for or willing to trade.

Requirement 3:

I want people to be able to put skills they will trade for that skill

Requirement 4:

The original poster chooses the skill they like the most and the two complete a trade.

Bonus requirement:

I want to have some kind of self regulation for the community...something like a thumbs up or a point system(i'm playing around with elggxpoints right now)


I know with the en.php files in the appropriate folders I can change the names of certain things(like I changed the pages to be called "skills" in one of my experiments)


Does anyone have any thoughts on how I should handle these first attempt was making groups the schools and making pages the trades but i'm not sure that's the best choice so i blew away that install and restarted so I would like to get some input before I go at it again




  • aww come on know you wanna answer this one!!

  • @Ray, I think what you are talking here would be a project more then some quick advice.  I can say I see 2 existing plugins that would need to be integrated at best.  Unfortunately you may not get many to respond to this posting.  So given that, one of the places I would start would be to look at the classifieds plugin and questions plugin.  They may give you a better Idea of what you are asking for.

    Goof Luck

  • The classifieds plugin looks like it may work for the actual posting a skill you want to trade or posting a skill you're looking to the question is how do I organize the users by groups that are preset when they login...i've looked through the plugins but i don't know what to even call that...fixed membership?




  • OK so after some more work I have gotten things to look a lot better...anyone is more than welcome to go over to the site and make an account to see what's going on ( but obviously there's tons more to do...I think the classifieds is a wonderful way to handle the skills request so I have renamed it to be called skills...however the userx points plugin does not have a way of rewarding for posting classifieds *tear* but we will deal with that later...the kink now is simple this


    how to bind a user to a group(and then call the group "school")

    how to make classifieds visible only to members of a group


    and then i think my problems are solved


    anyways, any thoughts are greatly appreciated