MP3 zaudio Problem

I have been having problems with mp3 files playing on the site. I have read through all of the ideas as to how to fix them and haven't been able to fix it permanently. I am currently using the zaudio plugin.

Last night I read through this post,, and then uploaded the "add_mpg_mp3_files_zaudio.diff" file to my server. I then went to the site and was able to upload the mp3 audio file and got the correct file classification - the music notes. They played on the site just fine and can be played now. This was at 3:47am Pacific Time. Then when I got up this morning, around 9:30am, I went to the site and uploaded another mp3 file and it went BACK to the document icon. The file can't be played but when downloaded it is indeed an mp3 file.

Any help that anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated.!