creating a Groups plugin clone

I am trying to create a copy of the Groups plugin..and have the two plugins run at the same time..I got everything to work for the new plugin using subtype 'town'.  So, the Towns plugin is displaying all the entities with the subtype 'town'. However, the Groups plugin that comes with Elgg is also displaying entities with subtype 'town'. So, my question is, is there a function to display all entities of Type Group..but EXCLUDE the ones with subtype 'town'. If there isn't one, then I will have to modify the Groups plugin to include a subtype 'group'.

maybe a suggestion to anyone modifying the Groups plugin for version 1.7 is to use a subtype.

  • Hi Orion, if you include the town in the tags, you can search for that town and then filter on groups, giving you all the groups for that town.  Indeed, you can include a registration field that = town and tags which should have the same result.  If you use Group Extended plugin, you can set differant categories of group... here you could set a category for each town (no fun).   Group extended is supposed to allow adding groups as members of other groups, but it does not work (or at leasr for those of us who want it it seems, the developer of that plugin has been unhelpful as to a fix, but perhaps this is a way roud your problem... if you get it working, let me know as I do not have the skills to fix it myself.

  • Hi,

    I would like to have a "clone" of groups as well, can anybody tell me how to do that, which text has to be renamed?


  • So, I have changed in every file the term groups/group with my new term, trying to folow the instructions for copy a plug-in in Docs here, but apparently I overlooked something and my way was to simple. Anyone with experience can help here?

  • I'm looking for exactly the same thing!

    The group plugin is quite complicated it would seem duplicating it is and far beyond my programming capacity. Not far beyond my marketing idea's however. An additional 'group' styled custom content plugin for 'towns' 'venues' 'pubs' 'eateries' 'dorms' (list goes on) would surely be adventageous for all ELGG users who want a focussed channel beyond the free-for-all-and-anything 'groups'.

    Elgg rocks.