****Music Player like MYSPACE*****

I was wondering if anyone had already started develpment for a Music Player like MYSPACE for bands to upload mp3 and artwork to showcase and promote their project...  this would be a great addition.  And if not can someone assist with the development.  Thanks

  • I just posted this and then noticed your topic:


    How hard would it be to duplicate tidypics and modify it to handle audio files? My goal is to have a module for audio files that has an interface that is as close as possible to tidypics. User would create an album just like in tidypics, then add audio files to album, maybe even with artwork. Albums and files could then display the same as tidypics (thumbnail and audio file name instead of image file name). Then, when user went to play a file, artwork and/or player would display and play file. I know there are other audio players, but I really like the interface and display of tidypics and want my audio and image modules to match functionally and visually. I also do not want users to have to upload files with one module (file uploader) then use another to play. Plus, I think it would be a popular module.

    I can copy and paste code, but there is no way I could write this... anyone interested or have advice on how to get this done (assuming it can be done)??


  • @ Anduril and Chrislace, We have got this pluggin withn us, if you or anybody here need this pluggin pm me at drsanupmoideen(at)gmail(dot)com. its a commercial pluggin

    Here are the features

    All the features you requested plus

    Using this pluggin users can create there own play lists and play in elgg site and in ANY OTHER site too. they can now embed their play list to their blogs and webpages.

    This will allow you to upload mp3 files to server and you can play it via a beautifull player

    No need of file pluggin or any other pluggins to be enabled.

    The songs of each play list have shuffle option

    More than that users can upload Album cover arts for their audios.

    U can have a play list in your profile or dashboard as a widget

    U can test this at

    http://community.webgalli.com (Need to register there, and go to tools>Music Albums

    Thank you

    Dr Sanu P Moideen @ Team Webgalli