migrating from elgg 0.9 to 1.x

I've just taken a squiz at the roadmap for Elgg 1.5.


  1. More themes
  2. Simple media embedding into text areas
  3. Video processing
  4. Construction tool for form-based plugins
  5. 0.9 upgrade path

Yea! An official upgrade path from 0.9! I am so double plus chuffed :-) This really makes a difference in my confidence level. Thanks chaps.

Basically, what is essential for my system (earlham learning spaces) to transport over to 1.x is:

  • user accounts (manual and LDAP)
  • blog content
  • Files
  • Communities (blog, files and membership)
  • friends (it would be a huge bonus to keep friends)

What would be nice but forgiveable if it didn't go :

  • keywords
  • profile details
  • the feeds don't really work on my 0.92, so I'm sanguine about not having them go over.

What would be really nice but doubtful:

  • Porting Nathan Garrett's Folio content into Pages


  • I guess I can wait till Feb 09.

  • I've just checked the 1.5 roadmap and the "0.9 upgrade path" plugin is no longer listed ???

  • Well I cannot wait until February, because that is when our second semester of teaching starts. So I need to upgrade everything first, then rewrite my Elgg - Mediawiki integration to work with the new version of Elgg. (Every group set up under Elgg becomes a namespace in Mediawiki.)

    Is there anyone who has done an upgrade the hard way, using SQL? How did the Brighton people do it?

  • I agree.  I've been waiting for months now to get a clear path on how this will happen or what the easiest way to achive a migration would be with no answers.  Elgg is great in a way but there needs to be a focus on making it more functional that lets say a site like Ning.  Is it really that difficult?   Some phpbb intergration or bridge and a non confusing interface that easy for users to just pickup and go.