How to add horizontal tabbed nav on other sections (blog, bookmarks, etc)?

How can I add horizontal tabbed navigation on the blog area? For example, I would like to have it so that there are All, Friends and Mine tabs just like it is on the riverdashboard. Clicking on the Mine tab would only show my blogs.

Any ideas? Could this be done by a PHP newbie like myself?

  • Something like this will get you started. This comes from the groups listing page.

    <div id="elgg_horizontal_tabbed_nav">
        <li <?php echo "class='selected'"; ?>><a href="<?php echo $url; ?>?filter=newest"><?php echo elgg_echo('groups:newest'); ?></a></li>
        <li <?php echo "class='selected'"; ?>><a href="<?php echo $url; ?>?filter=active"><?php echo elgg_echo('groups:latestdiscussion'); ?></a></li>

    But I believe you need javascript to make it work and I haven't managed to get that going just yet.

    Good luck!


  • @abandoned : its possible for you to do that, if you are willing to share some time with elgg codes.  :)

    @ Trajan : i just sent you a mail regarding that

    Team Webgalli