Meta descriptions, keywords, and SEO in general

It would be great to see some functionality to improve SEO.  Key words are easy enough, you can just pull tags from whatever elements you're displaying and toss them in there.  Description is a lot more difficult.  Right now I'm setting my site up to use $vars['title'] in the description so people searching have at least some idea of what they're getting in the results.

Has anyone else started working on this problem?  Thoughts of how to address it?

  • Interesting note.  On my 1.0 install /mod/blog/read.php had the code for setting the title commented out.

    Helps much to uncomment that for me!  Now google will like my site a lot more.

  • Bookmarks and files don't have a corresponding read.php file.  I'd love to build them so that I can push the title out that way, but I'm not sure how.

    The blog version starts out with  $post = (int) get_input('blogpost');  which I'm assume is being pushed into the query via a rewriterule, but I can't parse how it turns into "blogpost", and I'm not sure what to look for if it's a file, bookmark, etc.

  • I need to start a medical community. So I need the pages plugin to be optimised. Is there an option to put the tags of each page as keywords?

  • On my install there are no meta other than content-type.

    Where would I add the code for description etc?