Blog Search listing file

I wanna change the this <div class="search_listing_info"> in my blog source but I can't find which file contains that line and the other search listing for the blog

<div class="search_listing">     <div class="search_listing_icon">   <div class="usericon">   <div class="avatar_menu_button"><img src="" border="0" width="15px" height="15px" /></div>     <div class="sub_menu">   <a href=""><h3>The_Return</h3></a>   <p class="user_menu_profile">   <a href="">Edit profile icon</a>   </p>   <p class="user_menu_friends">   <a href="">Friends</a>   </p>   <p class="user_menu_friends_of">   <a href="">Friends of</a>   </p>   </div>   <a href="" class="icon" ><img src="" border="0" title="The_Return" /></a>   </div>     </div>   <div class="search_listing_info">   <p>Blog: <a href="">Test blog post</a></p><p class="owner_timestamp"><a href="">The_Return</a> 50 minutes ago</p> </div>