Events, Seminars Management

I wonder if there's Elggsters out there that might be interested in looking at doing a PlugIn for Elgg to manage real-life events, seminars, etc.

I worked with some start-up earlier this year on some heavy code in this area but the deal fell thru b/c they wanted the code for free.. while they themselves were making money. I still have original code for that.

I'm not so much looking funding but rather for developers who might be interested in looking into this idea with the intention to go for a new start-up. The monetizing aspects are enormous.

Earlier we had looked at a situation similar to what orbitz might have been in it's early days. The possibilty to manage live-seminars and do referrals, click-thru, etc for a % could lead to a winner eventually.

PS - I'm also working with certain Elgg-based sites where we do take 10% cut already...

  • @Dieter

    Code does not cost $$. I just want to contact a **few **developers who can follow the idea and feel comfortable with what they can contribute and make this work.

    One of my clients (the guy who takes 10% commisions) has already expressed interest because the business model seems suitable. Also my business partners in the UK are also showing keen interest.

    I have these delusions of grandeur similar to those that our Pres B.Ob had and look at where it has taken him ;-)

    We can discuss details a little later. I'm going to get some dinner right now, but will be back online in about 45 minutes. If you can make it.. be ready on Skype and we'll talk more...

  • @Dhrup This sounds like it is along the lines of what I would like as well.  Probably not so grand as seminars, but certainly group events... very similar, just a question of scale.  I was not thinking along the lines of monetising, but a service to assist my groups.

    I was thinking along the lines of FX Nion's tasks plugin mixed with notifications, attendee tracking (interested, provisional, confirmed and cancelled) fee payment (free, deposit, in full) and the ability to see attendees on a map in relation to the event to assist lift sharing perhaps.

  • What you say is quite true.

    The "question of scale" --> u r rite !

    What you describe as yr reqmt *is on a smaller scale c/f to "Events, Seminars Management" that I refer to. The pkg u r looking at to adapt should work well. The "Fee Payments" aspect may be a little more code effort. btw I *did code the first publicised PayPal Gateway for Elgg 6 months.. if you're looking to ask for $projects.. even tho several others have by now done the same - I have helped at least 3 elggfriends setup their Elgg PayPal Gateways for no charge ;-)

    Anyways.. I'll post more later.. b/c....

    Merry XMAS ;-)