Member.css overriding my theme, mine is at the bottom.

Hi could someone please help me understand this.

I've started a new theme/plugin and its my understanding that the lower on the admin tools the plugin the higher it's priority. But .members .search_listing is still taking the info from /mod/members/views/default/members/css.php

I have the exact same selectors and attributes with different values and going insane. I can cheat and hack about with the member mod css but then I will never ever want to upgrade.

I have simple cache off


  • You need to turn the view path cache off as well or Elgg cannot find new views.

  • yup that was off too.

    I see if I add groups/view/default .... winthin my theme it overwrites the original but thats almost as much as a pain.

    All I want is one CSS that over rules everything else, is that possible?

  • The lower the plugin in the list the later it is loaded. If your plugin overrides the members/css.php file, it needs to be below the members plugin. If you are not overriding the view, but are defining new CSS statements related to the same HTML elements, the rules of CSS priority take over since they will both end up in your css file. And as Kevin said, you need to turn off the view cache. I recommend using the Elgg developer tools plugin. It has some new features for debugging this type of thing.

  • Cliff, I was typing my response while you were replying. What I do is create a bunch of empty files for the different plugin views (to override them) and then throw all the css into one file.

  • OK, sounds like a way forward, thanks guys