Categories and tag cloud on pages like the Izap area 3??

I really like the categories and tag cloud that appear in the owner block of the Izap video plugin... does anyone know how I can add this to the tidypics views... or even to other views as well.  In the Izap plugin this code is in Views > default > izap_videos and it is called area3.php.

Alas, my skills are a little short of working out how to use this elsewhere... hope someone can help :)

  • Haven't used the Izap video plugin. I'm assuming that plugin extends the owner block view with another view that includes the tag cloud.

  • Hi Tidypics, I guess so, but I think this could be a common feature across the board when Categories are used (I do not even have the tagcloud plugin installed, so it is a part of the Izap pack)... something to consider for the next release of your ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS Tidypics plugin.

    Thanks for you excellent contributions to this community :)