Hosting Companies General Discussion

This is for any *general discussions about Hosting companies w/Elgg

  • I think it might be a good idea if we banned companies from advertising their own services in this thread, i.e. delete threads that are obviously started by the company themselves.  Almost every hosting review site is contaminated with thinly disguised advertising and it is very hard to get objective information about hosts.  Therefore, I think it would be useful if this discussion was limited to real users only.

  • Matt> I presume that above comment was a "thinly disguised" dig at me for posting the SocialTrak thread as well ;)?

    Fair enough though if you folks want to keep the threads neutral that is understandable :) 

  • Matt: Please point oit to me (via private message if you like) and I'll review any post's text for 'neutrality' and act on oi.

    Andy: sorta ok tho yr username does look like an ad in itself ;-)

    This group is anyways to present Egllsters' opinions, experiences, pros, cons --

    That's why [ I ] created  this group -- after seeing [ "(seeing that Dave Tosh @ Elgg wired  request for this kind of info)" . More people post - the better idea we will all have of different hosts.

    When I notice anyone mentionig a new Host - I will usually post a skeleton description here for others to post on along.

  • Making one pitch doesn't bother me.  You are far from being in disguise.