how to post events public on the front page?

I changed the setting of the widget to show up to the public but it did not show up when i logged out. anything im missing about how to make this happen?

  • There is no front page widget. Sorry, I don't understand what you mean?

  • @Kevin Jardine >> This is a great plugin and it would be even more great if you could have the events displayed on front page. Think its an essensial feature for an event function.


    1. Any plans making is available on front page?

    2. Would it be possible to add a image field for every event?

  • Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the prompt reply. So the calendar only shows up to my users if its in their dashboard, is that correct?

    There is no way have it show up to the public.

  • If you mean the Event Calendar widget that can be added to the dashboard or the user's profile page, I think the way this plugin currently works (v0.8.1) is that this widget shows the user's personal calendar. This means they have to add a site wide event to their calendar for it to display.

    You can opt to push group events automatically to a member's personal calendar. However, this only applies to events added to the group calendar after a particular user has joined. Future events already in the group calendar won't be added automatically. If a user leaves a group, group events already created in their personal calendar appear to be hidden, but they will reappear if they rejoin the group.