Posting to river problem, help please.

I have set up an elgg site and have already made numerous modifications including posting items to the river that were not posting in the past.


I am trying to make it post when a user joins a group to the river.  Right now, the functionality already posts when a member creates a group.  In the standart groups mod, this is the other way around, please continue reading.


The problem is with the view I am trying to call.  I have also changed some things around.  Here are the details:

  1. mod/groups/actions/join.php now calls add_to_river with the river view mod/groups/views/default/river/group/join.php (instead of create.php, so this one doesn't work
  2. changed the old create.php so that it is for a newly created group.  This one actually work, because the view has the same name as the old one.  The join view doesn't not work now.

I assumed the create view (called 'river/group/create') is pre-established somewhere.  When I call elgg_view_exists, I had it print out the file that it is pointing to for the join and it is not pointing to the mod directory, instead it points to a standard non-mod view: /var/www/html/views/default/river/group/join.php.  I tried to force the view (perhaps I did it wrong) in mod/groups/start.php with set_view_location('river/group/join', $CONFIG->pluginspath . 'groups/views/default/river/group/').  When I looked at the path after that, I got /var/www/html/mod/groups/views/default/river/group/default/river/group/join.php (which repeats default/river/group twice).


What am I doing wrong?  why isn't the view automatic as with my add_to_river creations in the past?