Multisite 2.3.5

Hi all,

Multisite 2.3.5 is on its way, you can test it on the sandbox :

it will introduce :

  • - Icon for communities
  • - profile page for communities
  • - communities subtypes
  • - more warning and delete community securization
  • - Improve session managemenT

A few more test and code and i will be abble to release it





  • Hi Fabrice,

    School has been busy so i have been lax with using my Elgg install. I look forwardto your new version to test.


  • Hi Fabrice,

    Warm welcome for the new realeasein advance...

    I used the multisite plugin with elgg1.6.1 and I successfully created so many subsites.But if i login with one subsite, then I can't login with another one in the same browser or in any other browser. if we treate each subsites as different ones, then it should possible to take different subsites of the same user at a time.. How can I make it possible. Please give me solution.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi

    Is 2.3.5 released ?