Thumbnail is looking as broken pics


Thanks for this Plugin.

When i upload a new pics or created a new album, thumnail image in the Widgets, looking as broken pic icon, so never display in the widgets.

Have you an idea?



  • Do you have elgg in a subdirectory?
    My advice is to recreate the problem described. Then check out the source code (right click, view source) and do a search for { alt="thumbnail"} Basically we are trying to find the actual image tag of the image that should be displayed. Once you are there, check out the src of the <img> tag , its a link, please post it here.

  • Looks like I may be having the same problem.  When looking at the Album, there is no thumbnail being displayed.  Only the text box with "Album name, Thumbnail (the word) then user info...  Any ideas?

     <tr><td class="search_gallery_item"> <div class="album_gallery_item">
    <a href="">Headshots</a><br>
    <a href=""><img src="/mod/tidypics/thumbnail.php?file_guid=37&size=small" border="0" class="album_cover" alt="thumbnail"/></a><br>
    				<small><a href="">User Name</a> 43 minutes ago<br>			

  • Oops! I replaced my domain with 3 X's in the above post.  Can Admin please fix/remove?

  • hi jade!

    after i put an image as cover album and then i delete it, thumbnail cover album is broken.

    Maybe you can do the first photo in album is always a cover album if another one is deleted in same album.


  • Marcus, you have elgg in subdirectory "community" that is almost guaranteed the problem. Seems I misused the variable that stores the systems root path for the image source. I haven't looked at my code yet though so I'll let you know when its updated.

    @lord55 - Thanks for pointing that out, thats a good fall back! I did not test that scenario.

  • Thanks Jade, looking forward to being able to resolve.  You're doing some great work..