You Have Been Logged in Pops Up On Everypage

Something annoying is happening at my site. After you logg in the "You Have Been Logged In" window keeps popping up whenever you go to differant section of the site. Anyone have any idea what would be causing this??

Thanks is advance!!

  • I'm getting a similar error, with the you haven't confirmed your account. Have you tried with other browser/computer ?

    Uddhava dasa

  • I've tried it with IE8 and Firefox... Does the same thing..

  • Mine keeps defaulting to the action "page" for login and logout ... which means I get nothing but a blank page. Somewhere, the action is not redirecting so I am supposing something in the htaccess but not certain. Judging from what I see here, I guess I should consider myself fortunate but for whatever it is worth, if I do see anything while I am trying to fix my issues that looks like a possible cause, I will let you know. 


    Wish I could do more but ... still so very new here.


  • Thanks!! I'm suprised not many other people have seen this issue..

  • It sounds like the login form keeps resubmitting on every page load. It might be the form itself or the page that processes the form in which case it might be the 'forward' function.

    I'll have a look in the next couple of hours.


  • shadehaize,

    can you post the entire 'actions/login.php' in here? Lets have a look.

  • Thanks for the response Carlos.. It's not only the login pop up. Anytime you make an update such as posting / editing a blog or dis-abling / enabling a mod it does it with those pop ups as as well. It will stop doing it after a few minutes or so but it's very annyoing. Trying to go live soon but don't know where to start with one.. You can log into my site if you want.
    Login: demouser
    Pass: demouser

  • Ok, thanks..

    I did have a look.. I see what you mean now.

    It looks like the sys messages kicks in on page load for some reason, but it's not appearing when you use the browser 'back' button. 

    I'll have a look at your code and see if there's anything that doesn't look right. It might be something to do with the menus.. but, lets have a look first.


  • Ok Shadehaize, it looks like your system_messages functions are not functioning properly.

    What I noticed that, not only the 'logged in' messages repeat on every page, but any system_message, including error messages.

    The problem:

    The system message will carry through to the next page if the next page (whatever it is) link is clicked before the initial system message is fully faded.

    The potential error may be in one of several locations, but I would first check on the javascript that operates the fade feature, and I would also check the header.php in the page_elements. Look for any odd things.

    For the JS, I would suggest that you take it out and reload a fresh one from your original elgg script.

    Run a test and see how you go.