Find what new in izap_videos-3.0

So guys, we have just release a new version of our plugin with lot's of features. you can download from elgg community or from our site. Here's a direct link

I am very happy to release this version. It has so many interesting features for developers. The reason we re-write whole core is to make it quite easy to integrate with other elgg plugin. Now we are on the way we were looking for elgg. Try this release and post your feedbacks in the corresponding thread.  We are also on google code now. Here you can find us on google code:

iZAP Team
Tarun Jangra


  • Hey Tarun,

    I already opened more than a couple of bugs as well as improvement patches to project. Please commit these to SVN.


    Liran Tal.

  • Is there a list of plugins you have created?


  • Hi Liran,
    We will update svn in this week.


  • My server does not pass two tests: Preset test, Watermark test. I removed a Video converting command, the command watermarking. Still, video is not converted. It is in the queue for conversion. What is a Preset test? What you need to fix it so it does not give an error?

  • Hello,

    I'm getting 2 main errors.

    PHP interpreter test fail... probably wrong path.  I use Godaddy at found this in there "help" area:

    "The PHP (versions 4 and 5) hosting installations do not support the use of the executable line in scripts. To run a PHP script with Cron, you must set the path to the PHP interpreter as the first element of the command, and then enter the full path of the script you want to run."

    Could someone give me a pointer please. : )

    Second problem is FFmpeg fail.  I downloaded the ffmpeg files (bin & presets folders) but maybe I installed it wrong?  I put the root ffmpeg folder in the izap_videos folder.

    A minor problem is that within admin my dashboard and tools link are in place but the rest drop down to the title image.  I'm sure I can figure this one out, but again any help is appreciated.