Help! Restore "default view" in site administration page? Blank pages

I have been setting up a social networking site and for some reason changed the "default view" (the one that says, 'If in doubt, leave blank"). And now my website just brings up blank pages...

It was a moment of madness that I have spent the past two hours trying to fix!!!

How can I change it back? I had simplecache turned off, as I had Themer plugin installed. I have removed the themer plugin but no joy.

As you probably guessed I am a complete noob, I am new to php and mysql to make things worse.

Any help appreciated!


  • Figured out how to do it... simple really (phew).

    For others in the dark, you just need to browse through your MySQL databases and look for the "view" setting - the box shouold contain something like "s: 16: "whatever you replaced default with";".

    You can then change the "whatever you replaced default with" back to "default" or one of the other views - I think this is covered here .

    Don't forget to export first so you have a backup copy in case the worst should happen.

    Kinda strange posting to myself!

  • It doesn't seem to want to work for me! now I have a blank site. I've tried changing editing the config table in my db but it doesnt work for me. I had:

    Nave: view
    Value: s:6:"Themer";

    and i changed:

    Value: s:6:"default";

    any other thoughts? I dont want to reinstall if I dont have to.


  • That number in the middle needs to match the number of characters in the quoted string.  Try


  • gosh learning all the time... this would be great to go to the doc pages;)

  • In 1.7 this shouldn't be a problem.  There was a bug in 1.6 that prevented default views from working if the viewtype was invalid so all the views were just empty.  It has been corrected since...

  • So to avoid this problem in the future, do you advise upgrading to 1.7?

  • I advise not to change the the default view type at all, but in 1.7 if you do change it to something invalid, it will still work.