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Is it possible, when enabling the group form plugin to make use of the existing group fields? I'm not seeing a way to use/import them.

  • Yes, of course. The plugin does not monkey with the data. Just define fields with the same names and types as the existing data and it should work.

  • Uhmm, it's not what I'm seeing.

    Before applying the group form plugin I used the original's group fields (I forgot their names, but used all 3 of them). When I applied the group form plugin I don't see those original fields appearing in the group profile. I added some extra fields via the form manager for the group profile so those fields I added I do see (for groups which I applied some data in them).

    Any ideas what I could be missing?

  • Nope. The plugin definitely uses the same data. As I said, make sure that the data types are the same as well.

  • Hey wait. What do you mean by "group form plugin"? Do you mean flexgroupprofile?

  • yep, that's the one. Sorry, did I confuse you? is there another group profile plugin?

  • Anyway, as I said, it uses the same data. So if it is not appearing, check your field names and types.

  • what field names and types? am I suppose to "import" the old/original group profile fields by adding new fields in the form manager with the same name?

  • OK, my last comment on this. I do not how to explain this any more clearly. flexgroupprofile replaces your group profile field definitions. It does not replace your group profile data.

    If you use flexgroupprofile to define field definitions with existing field names and data types, they will appear in the profile. If you don't, they won't.

  • @Liri and @Kevin,  I think I am having the same/similar problem.  This is a great plugin, but a little mindblowing at first.

    I have Groupsextended plugin installed, and several differant types of Group... which used to show on the Group Profile.  I still see them on the search listing.  I have put these exact same Group types into the manage_group_profile_categories form, but the only groups that appear in the "Access" dropdown on the "Basic" tab are the ones from the simple "Group" type.  I actually want to make profile forms for the other groups as well, but am stuck.

    Just to inform you... I am an extreme novice at php and web development, so please be gentle :)

  • I had a look in the dB and noticed that the original group types are referred to as groupextended:type:xxxx  I tried this and just the xxx, but to no avail.

    Also, on my main site I get;

    "Error: no group profile form exists. You must create at least one group profile form for this group category or a group profile form with a blank category to use the flexgroupprofile plugin."

    but I have a flexgroupprofile all sorted out, and I have a mirror site that works fine.  Plugins etc in same order, fiels the same etc.  I have tried upgrading, switching off the plugin and back on again... still no joy.  The flexprofile thing is working as planned, as is the content form... it seems to be just the group profile form.... HELP!

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