Many fixes committed to SVN, give some feedback

In case you wondered, it's not considered good manners to ask for features and fixes and then run off :-)

Update your svn repository checkout and give feedback on errors, improvements and alike...

Liran Tal.

  • Apologies Liri - have had a massive amount of work to get done this last week.

    New version looks great - love the new results display, much more professional!

    A couple of errors on my installation  (

    1. Adding new input box doesn't line up properly and cannot be deleted unless you first save and then edit later

    2. Questions get displayed in reverse order of them being written. For example if I add questions 1 to 4 then the questions are asked in reverse order (4 to 1)



    1. Screenshots please?
      I'm not having problems with removing it but I'll double-check. Possibly refresh your browser cache
    2. Yes, I noticed that too, it's actually a bug from the original tasks plugin. I'll make corrections to that.


  • Did anyone notice that all of the avatarish icons, on the Elgg Community, went away?  I only mention this, because I know liri had one of these icons.  ...I apologize; I have been swamped with other projects.  I have not lost interest in what you have here and when I get a free moment, I will begin to test.  Thank you, liri, for continuing to work away at this.  It is indeed very important.

  • I can't get mine to work.