How to use the zaudio plugin?

I can't work out how to use the zaudio plugin. Could you please tell me ? Thanks!

  • Studio1031,

    Thanks for the info on bitrates. That might be part of the problem but there has got to be more to it than that.

    For a brief period sunday morning, after uploading the so called "add_mpg_mp3_files_zaudio.diff"  fix, I was able to upload mp3's that worked. I uploaded different mp3 files and they all worked. When I woke up later that same morning, they stopped working.

    That this is still an issue for some people is just ridiculous!

  • I have found it to work consistently with the bitrates above.

    My problem with it using QuickTime player and only playing five seconds of audio... well, I found that Custom_Index_Widgets was using it's own settings and when I copied the default->file->specialcontent folder into the custom_index_widgets folder it replaced the QT player with the flash player and works great so far.  Oh yeah, did an upgrade.php as well before testing.

  • Don,m

    Which browser are you using? For some reason, Firefox BLOWS CHUNKS when it comes to ELGG recognizing and playing mp3 files!

  • i just did a fresh elgg install on a new Arvixe hosting account, and ran into the "firefox uses a default player instead of the flash player" issue.. the version that Arvixe has on their server places the plugins in a non-factory order.. i dropped the player to the bottom of the list and everything went back to normal.

    i'm not sure if that helps, but it worked for me :)