How to use the zaudio plugin?

I can't work out how to use the zaudio plugin. Could you please tell me ? Thanks!

  • upload a mp3 filem thats it.

    now you can play on page.

  • @elgguser

    Thank you! It works.

  • It does work - but only for about 5 seconds and won't play the whole audio file.  It's probably a browser setting but I can't seem to figure it out.  It opens with a little 'realplayer' instead of the flash.

    Any help or ideas?

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    There's much discussion about it not working properly with some/many mp3 files. Needless to say, it doesn't work for me either.

    Further reading:

  • I did a fresh install of elgg and enabled files and zaudio.  Uploaded an mp3 and nothing.  Not even changing the symbol to the music clef.  Surely there has to be a pluggin to play a file that is an mp3?  I don't really want my users to have 'playlists' and I believe that is what aaudio does.  We just have kids doing podcasts and I want to share it with other students.  ?  :(

  • Some mp3s can be played, some not. The problem lies in the file plugin. Please look at my post.

  • If one mp3 plays, then the player is configured properly. If another mp3 does not play, then you have an issue with that particular mp3, not the player.

    Safe formats

    Files encoded using 'standard' MP3 format at CONSTANT bit rate will normally play, provided the sample rate is a multiple of 44.1kHz - other 'interpolating' sample rates cause Flash Player to speed up the playback.  Sample rates of 96000, 44100, 22050 and 11025 samples/second at 8, 16 and 32 bit depth will all work fine.

    The following formats are suggested for web downloading:-

    Bit depthBitrate
    Ideal for
    44100 16 128 Music over broadband
    22050 16 56 Speech/music over dialup
    11025 8 24 Speech over dialup (phone quality)


    Unsafe formats

    Encoding MP3s in VARIABLE BIT RATE will always lead to problems. Flash Player cannot stream VBR files properly, and will either completely ignore them or play back silence. The player also has serious problems with 'fake MP3s' - files wrapped in an MP3 container but with the audio data encoded by some non-standard system. Some audio codecs produced by Microsoft allow the creation of an MP3 with Microsoft's own ACM audio compression, and Flash Player falls over laughing at those.

    Files encoded at interpolated sample rates (such as 32000, 8000, 64000) will play, but at the incorrect speed. Bit depth and bitrate have no effect on this issue, which is a core limitation of the Flash Player audio decoder.

  • Ok...  successful so far with a new test using the setting above.  Thanks.

    Now for my original post of:  why does it only play a 'preview' couple of seconds worth?  It's gotta be a browser issue as it's opening in quicktime on ff and in ie I don't even get anything just a box with nothing in it for a player.


  • @ Don Mespelt.. in real player, check your file associations..  for it to take the place of the zaudio flash player, RP would have to be associated with .swf files..... even then, it would be kinda strange for RP to take over an embedded flash player.