Cloud could be a real boon to elgg

The way elgg is growing now really need a serious look at the possible performance aspects. We can see lots of discussion on elgg's community related to performance issues. I am particularly pointing out towards the database. Because elgg's database model is following "EAV" (Entity attribute value) model. No doubt it gives us such lots of flexibility over plugin development. Plugin development is totally independent from the database. Without touching even a single table, column we can create full working plugins with lots of functionality. But on the other hand, This model is lil harsh on database.  So we are researching on such performance aspects. According to me, there could be two important factors we can take benefit from.

  1. Cloud computing like offering by( Amazon EC2).
  2. Any caching technique like APC ( Alternative PHP Cache), MemCache.

Well Memcache is considered by elgg's core team which is yet under experimental stage. And i don't think, if there could anyone who take benefit from MemCache. According to our point of view, APC could be better option. In the cloud by distributing resources, we can really get an exceptional performance boot. So with the mixture of all these, Elgg could be really a power house.