Thumbnails not visible in 1.0

Instead of the thumbnail, a rectangle with the word "thumbnail" appears. Clicking on that word shows the images in the album without aproblem.


P.S. Thanks for a great job on this plugin.

  • Yes, I get the same thing with an album's cover.

  • Do you have elgg in a subdirectory?
    This is likely a problem with the paths. I tried to use $CONFIG->wwwroot but maybe that is not working correctly.

    My advice is to recreate the problem described. Then check out the source code (right click, view source) and do a search for { alt="thumbnail"} Basically we are trying to find the actual image tag of the image that should be displayed. Once you are there, check out the src of the <img> tag , its a link, please post it here.

    You should be able to tell that the link is not directed correctly to thumbnail.php , for example if you are not seeing your subdirectory etc.

  • Yes, it is a subdirectory. Unfortunately, I tanked the site when something went awry, so I will have to set things back up again before I can get you the information.