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Im new to Elgg and trying to build a new theme, the css is fine but Im stuck trying to resize thumbnails, specifically the 40x40 icons at the left of member and group lists.

I have found were to change them so when they are uploaded they are 60x60 and actually sit on the server at the new modified size but they are still being presented as 40x40 on the webpage. Can someone tell me where this is being changed? Properties of the photo say ”60px × 60px (scaled to 40px × 40px)”.


  • Found it, it was in the css file all along :/

    If anyone else wants to do the same 

    1. change how the script resizes uploads (profile & group icons) ./mod/profile/actions/iconupload.php. Find $small = get_resized_image_from_uploaded_file('profileicon',40,40, true);

    Change 40,40 to your desired pixel size.

    2. In theme css.php find .search_listing_icon img and change the width to the same.


    BTW this is on version 1.6.1



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