Promised 1.7 Release. Where? When? Who? Stop lie!

As stated above, I found project management terrible, ugly and at least uneffective - nobody can build real plan, nobody can accomplish tasks within the period established by plans, nodody can arrange tasks to the correct priorities.

Elgg selection was my mistake - it's bad place for serious business. If Curverider want to lost global multilanguage market - they got it and they will remain in the children's pants of Western Europe and will continue to play with "formatting rules", broken communications, the satisfaction of its own Ego, producing the deceptive impression

  • You are right if you say there is a lot to improve. And indeed good efforts of serious people are welcome. Best is to put your energy in one or two great plugins, become the master of those and by this push the whole solution to higher level. All in all, most are just volunteers...

  • I agree with Tom, wholeheartedly. I am disappointed in such a wild-ass post by Alexander Leschinsky.


    As Open Source there are no requirements for you @alexander to wait for anything.  If you are so upset about the work of a volunteer project then take the current core and develop on you own.

  • This is also correct, edlove and I considered making a similar response as well.  ...And if people have the capability to correct the fundamental issues, why not do that and contribute them back to the community?  ...I believe that the design of Elgg IS superior, but has issues.  I have a love for Elgg and I don't want to go away and find something else.  I just hope that this Elgg 1.7 stable will come out sooner and that all of the critical plugins would follow in upgrades soon after.

  • I don't quite get your post Alex. I've only been using elgg for less than a month and I have found it to be by far the BEST free social networking platform out there and I've pretty much tried them all. Yes there are issue with it but they will get worked out. I am patiently awaiting the new relase. I would suggest you go and fork out a few hundred to possibly a few grand for a commercially available platform.. If you don't want to do that than.. Well.. :)

  • I guess there is a reason why he calls himself the "Lazy Badger."  He does actually know how to code, but he's too lazy to do it.  So, he lazily waits on everyone else to do it AND complains that they do not MOVE fast enough for his liking!  :-)

  • Damned hell!

    Nobody undestand my real motivation here, in this very topic, nobody even try to do it.

    In some short and easy English words:

    • I did NOT complaint about code
    • I don't want be one more code-monkey- here - there are a lot of a better programmers in Elgg core and modules here
    • When I said about Elgg as project, I said about software project, which is bigger thing than "just code" and nobody care avout it


    and all except code is here in deep asshole. I saw in past some quantity of projects with good start and perspectives, which died this way. I still don't want see Elgg in such position, but

    1. Communication - broken
    2. Timeline - broken
    3. Management - missing
    4. Roadmap - just bad joke
    5. Code - at least better than suxx
  • @Alex maybe you missed my point.  If you feel that the core elgg development is not headed in the right direction and/or is mismanaged, then why not take steps yourself to insure YOUR vision is realized.  Such as happened with linux, ie,  REDHAT, MANDRAKE etc etc.  

    There is nothing stopping anyone from taking the ball and running with it in any direction they wish.  Start your own development program with YOUR theory of organization.  

    Posting in multiple treads and groups of your discontent does not help promote the future of elgg development organization that you are asking for.  I fact it could damage it.

  • @edlove - you forget, he's a lazy badger, which means that he's going to complain but do nothing.  He'll tell you his vision, but won't move a finger to do it himself.  He's waiting on some worker badgers that will launch such a project themselves and then he can benefit from it.

    ...I mean, I certainly have had thoughts go through my mind like, "Are all of these open source projects (i.e., Joomla, Elgg, etc.) waiting for the big crash so that none of us regular people can benefit from the code that will be released to the big corporations after the crash, so they will benefit and not us?"  If you look at any open source project right now, none of them are totally stable and fully developed.  Is it a conspiracy against the little lazy badgers of this world?

    Stupid thoughts occur to us all, but why would we act like a freak on the Elgg site?  Doesn't make any sense.  If someone is capable of helping, then they will help.  If they are annoyed by such people as Dave and the Curverider folks, because they are the evil capitalists that are greedily keeping all of the Russian communists from finally getting ahead, go off to the mental ward where you belong.

  • Ok, need to get this one out of my updates... hint to myself: Let's get back to work ;)))

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