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I want to add another feature. I would like to have users receive notifications (email and site notifications) by: 

1. Choosing site-wide categories filtered by access type (ie, "Category ABC" from "Friends"; "Category XYZ" from "Group G"; "Category 123" from "Friends Collection 789"; etc.).

I only have six categories so I would just need seven rows with a check box toggle next to each one. So it would be something like:

     [checkbox] [all categories] [access type] [email?] [site?]
     [checkbox] [category1] [access type] [email?] [site?]
     [checkbox] [category2] [access type] [email?] [site?]


2. (This may be tougher): If it's possible, I would want to have users also be able to get email notification based on key word(s) along with all the filters above. The user would type out the key word. It would be something like this:

     [checkbox] [all categories] [keyword(s)] [access type] [email?] [site?]    
     [checkbox] [category1] [keyword(s)] [access type] [email?] [site?]
     [checkbox] [category2] [keyword(s)] [access type] [email?] [site?]


3. (This one is the toughest and definitely not a priority; just a nice-to-have): If anyone has familiarity with GMaps, I want to add a filter to the above based on radius from a specific location. Content on the site will already be geotagged. Users type in the address and select a radius via drop-down.

Please feel free to ask any questions.



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