IE login problems

Hello everyone,

We are running elgg 1.6.1 and are having tons of problems with people not being able to log in using IE 6/7 or 8. They put in their userid and password and are just re-directed to the main page. This doesn't happen with everyone on IE (mine works fine), but it happens with a big percentage and it is having a very bad affect on our community. Anyone else run into this issue or can anyone point us to a solution?



  • Wow, so nobody is having issues with users logging in using IE? This is a huge issue for our site because we run it for a educational org that only has IE installed. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • We're getting occasional reports of this with IE8, but I've been unable to reproduce. The ticket is here:



  • "tons" of problems, yes as @Cash says there are issues however he also states that they have been unable to "reproduce".

    First; what login are you using, and what is the configuration? this is information needed so we can duplicate the issue.

    Second; I've found that some issues related to login can be managed by "reordering" certain plugin's.  Of course we would also need again what login you are using, what it's configuration is, and what plugin you are running and in what order you have them.

    This may sound like a lot but simply saying 'tons of problems" or "huge issue", give no information from which to help.

    goofers :)

  • Here is some data to explain the "tons of problems" part of my post. These stats are from google analytics. The results are pretty clear that there is an issue with IE. This month we had:

    • 137 visits to the main page from IE 6 or 7 – average time on site for IE users is 10 seconds
    • 39 visits to the main page from IE 8 – average time on site for IE users is 15 seconds
    • 537 visits to the main page from Firefox – average time on site for Firefox users is 13.35 minutes
    • 60 visits to the main page from Safari – average time on site for Safari users is 10.27 minutes
    • 40 visits to the main page from Chrome – average time on site for Chrome users is 9.43 minutes

    I haven't been able to reproduce it yet either, but there is clearly an issue. Most of our users have given up using IE. I'll look at the re-ordering of plugins and see what I can figure out.



  • This is not what I meant; are you using siteaccess, are you using a costum theme, are you using a custom index, is it the standard login or a three party plugin.  These are the issues support needs to know in order to help you debug the issue.  Each of the above mentioned could alter your CSS or you may need to add some to the CSS for IE7 and 8.  You stats mean nothing in helping figure out what is wrong with your site in relation to IE and elgg display.

  • The reports on that ticket are only for IE8 and are not consistent which makes this even harder to track down. If you have a user who can consistently reproduce, you could put some debug code in the login action to see what's happening. When the user clicks the submit button, the request goes against the action handler which executes /actions/login.php. Most failures should pop-up one of those red boxes with the error message.

    I've noticed that IE handles cookies differently than other browsers so if there is something funky about your site urls it is possible your IE users are logging in and when they are forwarded to their dashboard, they get redirected to the front page because IE is not sending the session cookie.