I have used GoDaddy as domain registrar for long time. Only recently got involved w/ their hosting area for admin on my Friend's elgg site. They use "Hosting Control Center" which I find cumbersome. It has similar functionality as cPanel, but for my tastes, it is too slow to work with. I have noticed a lot of times that after a "777" on a folder - it does not actually become :"777" for a while. Create a database via their DB panel and it says waiting to be setup for a while. Means if you're installing Elgg manually - you have to go s-l-o-w-l-y.

They have plus points - can install Elgg v1 via 1-click. Their customer service is fantastic but not toll-free.

  • I started out using GoDaddy, but quickly switched to  As you said, everything seems to run extremely slowly.  I also had a lot of trouble with the Elgg install script.  I installed it in a subdirectory rather than the root and I could not get the css to work.  I tried looking at the paths in the database, which is usually the issue when this happens with Elgg, but there was no problem.  GoDaddy support were unable to help me with the problem.

    I still use them as a domain registrar, but avoid their hosting.