Testers required

So whose volunteering to use the poll's plugin SVN version and provide feedback on it's functionality/bugs?


  • Running on which version? 1.5, 1.6.2 or 1.7 alpha?

  • elgg 1.5

    just checkout the trunk version to the directory name "poll" (if you have it currently installed then disable it first, then checkout, then enable it).


  • Okay.  ...Are you developing for 1.7?

  • Ok - just tested quickly and mainly seems fine. I love the dynamic input boxes for each response.

    A couple of minor issues;

    1. 'Comments' gets incremented when a vote is cast for the first time, not the number of responses, although after the first vote is cast it then seems to work

    2.  Poll creaters name does not link correctly to their profile

    3. Poll creaters icon not lined up correctly next to the creation date (using ie 8)

    Nice work!

  • @jimbob

    1. What comments? and how is it incremented exactly? this isn't happening to me. Provide instructions on how to reconstruct please.
    2. Poll creators name in the listing view of polls? it works just fine here too.
    3. In which view does that happen? in the view of a poll or in the listing?
      Provide screenshots please.

    I'm unable to verify any of your issues.

  • Sorry for the delay. I will test again and post screenshots when I get back from work later on today.