integrating the Autocomplete plugin with Forms plugin


I've given a try to integrate the autocomplete plugin with the Forms plugin (latest version).
To the autocomplete plugin I've added the form_custom_field_type_manager() function and I do see the input available in the form_add, once I add it though and try to use it - the input field continously loses focus and is not showing up the div of the results.

Trying the autocomplete input plugin as a stand alone form with an input works just fine.

Are you interested to take a look maybe? this will be an overwhelming addition to have autocomplete for user names, groups or other custom data.



  • Kevin,

    I have fixed the autocomplete input so that I am now able to:

    • Create a new field for the form and choose the autocomplete input type
    • When editing my profile form for example which I added the autocomplete type field I am seeing the field name and the text input.
    • Upon typing text into the input element the autocomplete suggestions works fine
    • I save the form

    The problem now is that when the form is saved that field of the autocomplete type doesn't show up in the user profile. When I edit the user profile again the input text of that field shows up empty and not with the previous data.

    Do you have any idea what could be the reason for the input element not being saved?



  • nevermind the help, got it working.
    I'll be releasing this as a plugin to enrich the possible input values which a user can choose from in the forms edit box.

    Do you have any good ideas for autocomplete entities? (except for the obvious groups and friends).

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